Top 4 Best Hotels To Stay In At Santa Rosa, California

  In this article we’re going to briefly cover the top 4 hotel resorts we believe are the crème de le crème of hotel resorts. There are several others we would have loved to include on this list come recommended by visitors to Santa Rosa themselves, but for the sake of brevity we wanted to narrow it down to the ones we believe will deliver the most satisfying room accommodation experience all-around:

Hotel Resort #1: Vintners Inn.

The wine country setting in Vintners Inn is breathtaking, room amenities are exceptional, staff is warm, competent, polite, and hospital, morning coffee is leaps and bounds better than any Starbucks in town, and you get free wifi, water and, of course, in Santa Rosa fashion, bottle of wine. What more could you ask for? To top it off the bedding accommodations are comfortable, clean and spacious. If you ever consider an romantic getaway for that special someone, this is the Vintners Inn is the place you want to be.

Hotel Resort #2: Hilton Garden Inn Sonoma Country Airport

Settled right next to the Airport and the beautiful rolling hills of wine country, Hilton Garden Inn’s hotel staff are warm, inviting, and accommodating. Generally, you could only point out one star of the show, but in Hilton’s case, the front desk, bar, maintenance and management are all clearly happy to do their jobs and make sure you get 5-star treatment.

Hotel Resort #3: Fountaingrove Inn

If you want 5-star service at 3-star level prices, Fountaingrove Inn is the hotel you’d want to get acquainted with real soon. The staff are very friendly and happy to serve and whatever you want is rarely beyond their grasp. While traveling, we recommend you consider staying here above all other hotels (as fine as the others really are) because you will likely not find a superior room accommodation service in the city. Our only grip? No elevator for the top floors. Maybe a getting a bit of exercise in before calling it a night is not such a bad thing, however, it is a standard all other hotels offer we’d like to see included in future building upgrade plans.

Hotel Resort #4: Hotel La Rose

Hotel La Rose has a ‘bed and breakfast’ atmosphere. Along with the helpful front desk staff you feel at home coming off a long flight from the opposite end of the country. This may seem like a minor detail but the bathrooms here, for any hotel, is amongst the cleanest and reflects the condition of your room before you open the door. And let’s just say, you’ll be thoroughly “impressed”. They offer a free “self serve” breakfast station ‘buffet-style’ where you can help yourself to eggs, waffles, pastries, yogurt, fruit, cereals, toast, and so much more. If the food here doesn’t whet your appetite restaurants are lined up conveniently along the street so you never have to go far to enjoy local delicacies. Lastly, you can reach wineries from the North and South Valley within minutes. You’re not going to want to miss out on what Santa Rosa has to offer!

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