Santa Rosa Is Ranked As One Of The BEST Cities To Live In America

According to the the U.S. News and World Reports “100 Best Places To Live In America”, Santa Rosa comes in 4th of the 10 California cities on the list behind San Fran, San Jose, and San Diego and number 62 on the list overall.

Considering there are thousands of cities all over the country, coming in the top 100 is an impressive accomplishment and the standard of living here reflects it.

Unlike most “Top City” lists, the U.S. News and World Report is the most comprehensive and thorough of them all. They gather official report data from various branches of government, are scored, and weighed against surveys taken from Americans on what they felt was the most important things they consider before moving into a new town. Quality of life, job market prospects, desirability, and value are the key.

For Santa Rosa what draws most people is the areas natural beauty, wineries, and public displays of art scattered throughout. It’s simply an oasis in the middle of a country often quite dark and bleek.

One resident mentioned what makes the city unique is its allowance of public displays of art via the Public Places program. Murals, paintings, and sculptures beautify the streets and gives the city its own characteristic flavor.

If you have a green thumb then there is no other place you should rather be than here. The environment is ideal for many plants and varieties in flowers, vegetables and fruits. Need a plot of land to grow because you reside in shared housing? No problem. There are community gardens where you can stake your plot of land so long as you commit to care for your garden and keep things nice and tidy when you leave.

Another aspect that draws most people to Santa Rosa is the quality of life. Unlike the hustle and bustle of Hollywood or the constant bombardment of technology in Silicon Valley, in Santa Rosa you get ‘peace of mind’. Here you can raise a family without all of the needless distractions plaguing most cities. Nature is our entertainment and most people, at the end of the day, simply want to come back to “nature” — beautiful sunsets over the water, green grass, flowers, the smell of grapes for wine production, clean air, and as mentioned earlier, art pieces created by the cities local residents.

Most people find that when they travel outside of Santa Rosa they realize at the drop of a hat how much more they appreciate all that there is to offer here. You’ll likely never come close to the degree of love and hospitality you’ll immediately feel the moment you step foot on Santa Rosa grounds. People here in general are simply “nicer”. Also, you’re only 1hr from the coast, an 1hr from the city and 2hrs from the mountains. You can satisfy every possible curiosity about nature right in Santa Rosa’s own backyard.

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