Santa Rosa’s Top 5 Restaurants That’ll Knock Your Socks Off!

  Below are 5 restaurants we highly recommend for any foodie to visit while here in Santa Rosa, and if you’re already a resident, today’s the day you stop by any one of the places we recommend below to get your fill of good food:


Located on 53 Montgomery Dr., Rosso’s is where you go for authentic Italian pizza, sports games, and a good company. This pizzeria is a ‘pizza lovers’ dream. It’s baked fresh out of a wood-burning oven with a crispy crust and puffy edges naturally blackened in all the right spots for that extra touch of flavor. The toppings range anywhere from pineapple, to bacon, ham, hamburger, and a variety of different cheeses. After you leave from this place no other pizzeria will ever come close. Definitely worth a visit.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free restaurant to cater to their needs. Gaia’s Garden is a like “home away from home” where they locally source fresh produce from nearby farms to whip up a home cook meal catered specifically for a meatless diet. Their varied and diverse menu choices makes it easy for even the non-vegan/vegetarian to enjoy a fabulous meal at the garden.


The name of this bakery is perfectly titled. Their scones are so good it’ll make you want to ‘break in and rob a dozen or so’ for your own guilty pleasure. If you think you’re only going to purchase one of their cakes, cupcakes, breads, or other pastry and be satisfied, think “again”. If anything you’ll regret not having stocked pile an entire bunker full of these pastry delights for your own selfish consumption (smiles).


There’s nothing quite like a great meal paired with a great glass of fine wine. It adds a touch of sophistication to any meal and is sure to impress the ‘special lady’ in your life. Their food selection consist of 30+ plates ranging from international cuisines to ‘dressed up’ comfort foods. For example, the truffle fries are so delicious, by time the night is over you could stuff yourself full of potatoes alone. We wouldn’t recommend it though because you have to leave enough room for their curried crab tacos with apple, cucumber, and mint or their slab of roast beef.


“Welcome to Superburger, home of the Superburger, can I take your order?” When it comes to “good burgers”, there’s nothing quite like an old ’90’s Nickelodeon sitcom to describe what SUPERBURGER is all about. Unlike you’re average fast food drive thrus whom we won’t name *COUGH* McDonald’s *COUGH*, Superburger focuses on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Instead of “ready-made powdered ice cream”, you’re served premium ice cream made from real cows milk. Instead of burnt or undercooked French fries, you’re served a perfect batch of crispy delights with every order you place. At SuperBurger you get the fast food experience along with the quality with 4-star restaurant service at affordable prices. If you ask us you’re getting the best of both worlds!

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